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Shivani Ma


My name is Shivani, I am a Reverend and Priestess in Sanskrit Mantras and Puja ceremonies, certified by the religious institution Sanatana Dharma Satsang.

I was born in Caracas, Venezuela and traveled around the world during my childhood and teen years, due to my father’s profession as a diplomat. I have lived in many countries, including the US, UK, Holland, Brazil, Kuwait, Spain and Portugal. I currently live in the US.

My spiritual journey began 25 years ago, and almost 10 years ago I found my spiritual home when I learned about Sanskrit Mantras. I have learned and practiced them to a point where they are part of my daily life.

During the 8 years I lived in Massachusetts, I found true friendship in my first mantra teacher and amazing astrologer Jill Jardine, who introduced me to the world of Sanskrit Mantras through the teachings of Namadeva Acharya, his widow Satyabhama, Guru Rama Mata, widow of our teacher’s, Sadguru Saint Keshavadas,  and their son, Muralidhar Pai.

During the year of 2012, I had the opportunity of designing 10 different Sanskrit Mantra workshops, and I teach them in full weekend or afternoon versions. I taught them in South Florida during that year, while living in the Boston area. I finally moved to South Florida in early 2013, wheree I currently live.

Ever since I started chanting mantras, I was guided to design and make japa mala beads, diving into the world of precious and semi-precious stones. I named them Shakti Malas, inspired by Namadeva’s book Shakti Mantras.
My malas are hand made and knotted one by one to the sound of Sanskrit Mantras, using the best material available, which grants them a unique energy and power.

From the beginning of this blessed year of 2015 I was guided to spread the teachings of Sanskrit Mantras, first to the Spanish spoken community around the world, only to realize that I should expand it to the rest of the world by making these teachings available also in English, through this blog, YouTube channel Sanskrit Mantras, and facebook page with the same name. All entirely free of charge.

I have been blessed with the privilege to know and follow such elevated masters, and to be part of the great lineage and legacy of the late  Sadguru Saint Keshavadas, who I did not get to meet in life, but through his work and followers. His widow, Guru Rama Mata, gave me the name that I so proudly bear.

I dedicate, with all my love and devotion this blog to all my teachers, specially  Thomas Ashley-Farrand, who still guides me from higher planes. Thank you Namadeva Acharya!

Thank you so much to all of you readers, for following the teachings and help me fulfill my dream of sharing them at free access.

Many blessings,

¡TaTha-Stu! (So be it)

Shivani Ma


  1. just read your bio Shivani and I just love the way the universe brings people together. I stumbled upon your Utube channel as I was looking for a specific mantra to chant n I
    subscribed to it as well as following you on Facebook. I had no idea Jill Jardine was your teacher as I have taken many of her classes over the years. I live South of Boston. I just love how you explain and teach the mantras. Wish you still lived in Mass!

  2. Please help!
    I have been using your mantras for several months.the ganesh siddha is one ive used alot.
    I notice i make alot of money but it seems to literally evaporate ,fall out of my purse or something.i need to be able to bind the opposite response of positive mantra.ant suggestions?
    Nancy chamundi