9 Planets

The Power of The 9 Planets of the Vedic System:

The nine planets of the astrology system in the Vedas have a number of qualities described below, they influence your life according to the position they are in your natal chart, and they have a certain period of time (Dasha) where they are a direct influence in your life. I strongly suggest you consult with a vedic astrologer to learn about how the planets are positioned in your chart.

Vedic remedies are designed to mitigate the harmful effects of the positioning of the planets in your chart at a given moment. The most popular are the use of gemstones and chanting planetary mantras. In this blog and on my YouTube channel you will find at least three different mantras for each planet.

1. Sun (Surya)
Result:                                      Increasing courage and fame
Esoteric Result:                      Illumination, Healing abilities, Spiritual magnetism
Physiological Association:   Heart and Circulatory System (centripetal circulation,     Thymus Gland, Upper portion of the back)
Gemstones:                             Ruby, Red Jade.
Deity:                                        Shiva
Color:                                        Red
Grain:                                       Wheat
Metal:                                       Bronze
Day of the week:                     Sunday
Length of Dasha:                    6 years
2. Moon (Chandra)
Result:                                     Increasing mental health and peace of mind
Esoteric Result:                     Intuition. Spiritual acuity. Understanding of weather      phenomena. Understanding of dreams.
Physiological Association:  Fluids and secreting functions, sympathetic system,       digestive system, pancreas, Female reproductive system, breasts, sympathetic nervous system (dealing with elimination, assimilation of nutrition, protection of the organism).
Gemstones:                           Pearl, Moonstone, Opalite Moonstone.
Deity:                                     Parvati
Color:                                     White
Grain:                                    White rice
Metal:                                    Lead
Day of the week:                  Monday
Length of Dasha:                 10 years
3. Mars (Mangala)
Result:                                   Increasing determination and drive, and protecting one  from violence
Esoteric Result:                   Spiritual force and penetrating energy. Understanding  the true nature of conflict.
Physiological Association:  Muscular System, Urogenital System, Gonads,  Adrenals, Sympathetic Nervous System (in conjunction  with the sun), Red Blood Cells, Kidneys.
Gemstones:                          Red Coral, Carnelian.
Deity:                                     Skanda (Ganesha’s Brother)
Color:                                     Red/Orange
Grain:                                    Red dahl (Tur)
Metal:                                    Copper
Day of the week:                  Tuesday
Length of Dasha:                 7 years
4. Mercury (Buddhi)
Result:                                     Increasing health and intelligence
Esoteric Result:                    Communion with beings in higher realms.
Physiological Association:  Central Nervous System, Thyroid Gland, Respiratory    System, Arms, Gall Bladder (with Jupiter), Sight,  Tongue, Vocal cords.
Gemstones:                           Emerald, Green Aventurine, Green Jade.
Deity:                                      Vishnu
Color:                                      Green
Grain:                                      Mung dahl (green dahl)
Metal:                                      Mercury
Day of the week:                   Wednesday
Length of Dasha:                  17 years
5 Jupiter (Guru)
Result:                                     Increasing satisfaction and facilitating marriage and    childbirth
Esoteric Result:                    Spiritual gifts of various kinds. Divine Grace.
Physiological Association: The Liver, Gall Bladder, Posterior Lobe of the Pituitary   Gland.
Gemstones:                           Yellow Sapphire, Citrine, Yellow Jade.
Deity:                                      Brahma
Color:                                      Yellow
Grain:                                     Chana (Chickpeas)
Metal:                                     Gold
Day of the week:                  Thursday
Length of Dasha:                 16 years

6. Venus (Shukra)
Result:                                    Increasing riches and conjugal bliss
Esoteric Result:                    Spiritual Understanding. Real knowledge.
Physiological Association:  Venous Circulation (centrifugal circulation),   Parathyroid Glands, Kidneys (with Mars), Throat, Genital Area (with Mars), Chin, Cheeks, Eustachian Tubes, Lips, Navel, Neck, Olfactory Nerve, Seminal Vesicles, Thymus Gland (with the Sun).
Gemstones:                          Diamond, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Clear Crystal.
Deity:                                     Lakshmi
Color:                                     White
Grain:                                    White beans
Metal:                                    Silver / White Gold
Day of the week:                 Friday
Length of Dasha:                20 years

7. Saturn (Shani)
Result:                                   Insuring victory in quarrels, overcoming chronic pain, and bringing success to those engaged in the iron ir steel trade.
Esoteric Result:                  When lessons are mastered, admission into the higher realms. Siddhis accompanied by proper understanding. Spiritual gifts.
Physiological Association: Skeletal System, Skin, Anterior Lobe of the Pituitary System, Ears, Calves of the Legs, Cartilage, Blood Circulation in tissues, Ligaments, Peripheral Sympathetic Nervous System, Spleen, Teeth, Tendons.
Gemstones:                         Blue Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite.
Deity:                                    Shiva
Color:                                    Blue / Black
Grain:                                   Black Sesame Seads
Metal:                                   Iron / Steel
Day of the week:                 Saturday
Length of Dasha:                19 years

8. Moon’s North Node (Rahu)
Result:                                  Granting victory over enemies, favor from the King or Government, and reduction in distress caused by Rahu.
Esoteric Result:                  Barriers Lifted. Tensions eased. Endeavors become favored.
Gemstone:                           Hessonite Garnet.
Deity:                                    Durga
Color:                                    Honey / Amber
Grain:                                   Black gram (Urad dahl)
Metal:                                   Rock / Black Stones
Day of the week:                 Monday
Length of Dasha:                18years

9. Moon’s South Node (Ketu)
Result:                                  Granting victory over enemies, favor from the King or Government, and reduction in distress caused by Ketu.
Esoteric Result:                  Negative conditions eliminated. Harmony restored to Lunar astrological alignments.
Gemstone:                           Tiger Eye.
Deity:                                    Chitraguptha (17th son of Brahma)
Color:                                    Multicolor
Grain:                                   Horse gram
Metal:                                   Red stones
Day of the week:                 Monday

Length of Dasha:                7 years

Planetary Yantras (Sacred Geometry):

Many Blessings,

¡TaTha-Stu! (So be it)

Shivani Ma

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