What are Sanskrit Mantras?

Mantra is a form of Yoga, the Yoga of Sound. Mantras are spiritual formulas, combined sounds meant for a specific result in our subtle body. Furthermore, Mantra chanting is part of Bhakti Yoga, the Yoga of devotion.
Sanskrit Mantras come from the Vedas, the oldest scriptures know to mankind. Formulated by the Sages of India, they could actually see the effect of these sound in the subtle body,

The subtle body has 72,000 energy paths or “Nadis” . The intersection of those nadis are called ‘Chakras” or wheels of energy. There are more than 500 chakras in the subtle body.

Along the spine there is the main Nadi called “Sushumna”, starting at the base of the spine, all the way to the crown of the head. Side by side with the Sushumna, we have the “Ida” and Pingala” nadis, that rise from the base of the spine like two serpents. The intersection pints of these three nadis are the 7 main chakras. Each one of these chakras are like lotus flowers, with a different number of petals, qualities and color. If we sum the number of petals from chakras 1 to 6 ( the 7th chakra has 1,000 petals) the add up to 50.
There are 50 letters in the Sanskrit alphabet, and each one of them has a direct relation with each one of the 50 petals of the first 6 main chakras.

Sanskrit is a vibretional instead of mening based. For all these reasons, every time we pronounce a Mantra in Sanskrit we are activating our subtle body, either if we understand what we are saying or that we believe in it or not. Of course, intention and devotion gives Sanscrit Mantra more power.

The word Mantra comes from the Sanskrit   “Manas”, meaning mind, and “Tras”, which means to get rid of. For this reason, Mantras helps us getting rid of our own thoughts! As we know, this is the main purpose of meditation, therefore, Mantra Japa is a very powerful kind of meditation. When we focus in the sound of a Mantra. We literally get rid of our own mind. Repetition of Mantras is known as Japa Mantra.

Although Sanskrit Mantras are part of the Hindu tradition, chanting Mantras does not require that we change our belief system or join a new religion. They are powerful tools that help us have a better control of daily life situations, alleviating  or even eliminating them. They connect us with our divine essence, that is Divine Love!

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Many Blessings.

¡TaTha-Stu! (So be it)

Shivani Ma

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