Saturday, August 5, 2017

Enumeration of the Fifty Four Powers Of Lakshmi – Part 1

We are starting a new series of videos to learn to chant the 54 powers of Lakshmi. There are 54 mantras to the goddess of abundance, and it is a prayer that is meant to be chante don repetition of each. We will learn to pronounce 9 of them each week, for 6 weeks, and at the end of week 7 we will chant them the way they are intended to be chanted.
This is a profoundly powerful manifesting prayer, I highly recommend you include in your daily chanting.

The mantras are (today’s mantras are in capital letters):
2.                OM HARINYEI NAMAHA
5.                OM CHANDRAYEI NAMAHA
6.                OM HIRANNAYEI NAMAHA
7.                OM LAKSHMIYEI NAMAHA
8.                OM ANA-PAGAMINYEI NAMAHA
9.                OM ASHWA PURVAYEI NAMAHA
10.           Om Ratha Madhyayei Namaha
11.           Om Hasti Nada Prabhodinyei Namaha
12.           Om Shriyei Namaha
13.           Om Mayei Namaha
14.           Om Devyei Namaha
15.           Om Kayei Namaha
16.           Om Sosmitayei Namaha
17.           Om Hiranya Prakarayei Namaha
18.           Om Ardrayei Namaha
19.           Om Jwalantyei Namaha
20.           Om Triptayei Namaha
21.           Om Tarpa yantyei Namaha
22.           Om Padme Stitayei Namaha
23.            Om Padma Varnayei Namaha
24.            Om Chandrayei Namaha
25.            Om Prabha-sayei Namaha
26.            Om Yasha-sayei Namaha
27.            Om Jwalantyei Namaha
28.            Om Deva Jushtayei Namaha
29.            Om Udarayei Namaha
30.            Om Tam Padminyei Namaha
31.            Om Padma Neminyei Namaha
32.            Om Aditya Varnayei Namaha
33.            Om Kirtyei Namaha
34.            Om Riddhayei Namaha
35.            Om Gandha Dwarayei Namaha
36.            Om Dura Dharashayei Namaha
37.            Om Nitya Pushtayei Namaha
38.            Om Karishinyei Namaha
39.            Om Ishwaryei Namaha
40.            Om Manasa Kamayei Namaha
41.            Om Vacha Akutyei Namaha
42.            Om Satyayei Namaha
43.            Om Pashunam Rupayei Namaha
44.            Om Annasya Yashase Namaha
45.            Om Matre Namaha
46.            Om Padma Malinyei Namaha
47.             Om Pushkarinyei Namaha
48.             Om Pushtayei Namaha
49.             Om Pingalayei Namaha
50.             Om Yashtayei Namaha
51.             Om Suvarnayei Namaha
52.             Om Heema Malinyei Namaha
53.             Om Suryayei Namaha
54.             Om Maha Lakshmiyei Namaha

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